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First conversation after Capitol storm: Trump's vice Mike Pence sticks with his boss - Politics

First conversation after Capitol storm: Trump’s vice Mike Pence sticks with his boss – Politics

Considering the efforts to oust Donald Trump early, the elected US President and his deputy Mike Pence have sent a signal of solidarity. A senior government official said Trump and Pence met at the White House on Monday and had “a good conversation.” The two wanted to continue their “pro-country mission” until Trump’s term ends next Wednesday.

The government official insisted that Trump had no intention of resigning early as a result of the riots in the US Congress seat last Wednesday. Pence, on the other hand, has no intention of implementing the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which allows the Vice President and Cabinet to remove the President if they are unable to do so.

U.S. Democrats have been pushing for Pence to implement the amendment since Trump supporters attacked Capitol. They introduced the draft resolution to the House of Representatives on Monday. Benz should set a 24-hour deadline to comply with Trump’s request for removal.

If the vice president does not do this, Democrats want the House of Representatives to vote to blame Trump for the riots. According to the Constitution, this so-called indictment results in indictment proceedings in the Senate – the other chamber of Congress.

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Benz has always been loyal to Trump for the past four years, but has distanced himself from the presidency over the past few days. For example, his vice president, for his part as chairman of the Senate, refused to accept Trump’s demand that he prevent the Democratic Party member Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election from being formally confirmed.

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The certification was carried out by Congress on Thursday night as the relevant session had to be interrupted several hours earlier due to unrest among Trump supporters.

After receiving the certification, Pence also announced that he would be attending Pitton’s inauguration, which is scheduled for Jan. 20. However, Trump said he would not attend.

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The current meeting between Trump and Benz is the first event since the Capitol storm. Both have confirmed their position that “those who attacked Capitol last week in violation of the law did not stand for the first movement in the United States.” “America First” is the goal of Trump’s four-year presidency.

With this announcement, Trump has again distanced himself from the rioters. However, shortly before the riots, the president appeared in front of thousands of supporters in Washington, provoking them with a completely unsubstantiated claim that massive fraud had taken place in the November 3 presidential election. He asked them to march to the Capitol.

The anger of the rioters at the Congress headquarters was also directed against Pence – because he refused to confirm Biden’s election victory. (AFP)