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First class problem, tried and tested initial access version

First class problem, tried and tested initial access version

Success among us, loved by its intuition, was one of the most surprising events of the past year. What happened next was the birth of a series of titles that benefited from such successes and a long wave that led players to search for similar games aimed at strong elements of the social network. One of these is the first class issue, which debuted on April 8 in early access. So today we want to give you our record that we have tried and tested Initial access of First class problem.

Crime on the express shuttle

First Class Problem: Someone is suspicious

The first impact with the first class problem will put you in front of the first big difference: the use of 3D On the shoulder camera. This factor was a big issue with many clones among us because the bird’s eye view of the InnerSlot topic confirmed some possibilities of integrating well with this genre. 3D dimension, if not implemented properly with the given possibilities a Crew And deceivers, often doing everything very distracting and without pathos. As you can well understand, the basic idea is always the same: there will be “good men” among the players in a game, and there will be cheaters with the latter, who will have to do everything to sabotage the former motives. Found. The differences, in addition to the visuals, are in the dynamics and story excuses behind the game.

Depending on the environment you will be on a luxury spacecraft (a new Titanic spacecraft, we dare say) targeted by artificial intelligence and managing all the conditions inside the spacecraft to excite the passenger’s journey, but it turns out to be crazy. Here, the origin of deceivers. The so-called Personality They are automatons that can take the look of travelers, so they are the cheats of your games. To find out, you need to know the dynamics and understand who is trying to corrupt you. So getting into what the game system is, there are different stages to getting AI and winning the game (obviously finding cheats will make you win as always).

First Class Problem: Cooperation is key
First Class Problem: Cooperation is important

Each phase requires finding some tiles to move from zone to zone, including the charge phase. There are many mini-games and many opportunities for cheaters to open various rooms of the spacecraft. If the traveler’s game is about teamwork, retrieving tiles and solving some puzzles, Sports The number of cheaters is very different.

Personoids can have an extra voice chat, which can be arranged with each other and tap into a variety of approaches, almost reminiscent of a hitman. From bottles, to strangulation, to killing the environment with an electric cable, to the use of fire. Added to this is the opportunity to see the condition of ordinary passengers through the walls to gain an advantage in the complex arena.

Thanks for feeding Writing editor This will allow you to create many variations of your alternate egos, the most versatile topic we have encountered, which makes the moments so much more hilarious if played in association with friends. Art style reminiscent of transocyanic journeys 1920s Environmental interactions and various possibilities offered by the game to solve puzzles (when you have no oxygen, panic despite the hilarious animations) help to make the game more original and fast. Glitter is not all gold. The first class problem, even among us, suffers in situations where you do not have a group of friends to fill the lobby. However, in the absence of the Italian language, one would always end up in a lobby where communication is almost impossible. In the absence of these situations created by playing on a team the game changes completely. Frustration and difficulty in completing even the simplest puzzles will be on the agenda and it is impossible to understand the best character of the game.

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The first class problem is an interesting topic, defined by its nature. While the art style and structure of “3D Among Us” rewards ideas for invisible walls, the inability to play without a lobby created by friends is not so versatile. However, the dynamics in this early approach surprised us. Cheat game is full of possibilities and always varied enough to create different situations, while the game is exciting and satisfying if you use it in situations of maximum cooperation when you are fast.