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"Alexa, download games from Game Pass".  The Xbox is increasingly integrated with Amazon

“Alexa, download games from Game Pass”. The Xbox is increasingly integrated with Amazon

As Cordana passes by, Microsoft and Amazon They work together to achieve deeper integration Between Alexa and the Xbox World.

The latest news comes directly from the Xbox capability we see in Amazon’s voice assistant, which has a new feature: performance Download game pass games directly with voice commands. In fact, as announced by PC Mac, Amazon has implemented the new command. “Download from Alexa, Xbox Game Pass (Game Name)“, Thank you for starting to download the selected topic from any device.

This functionality is not exclusive to Echo devices, but can be accessed from any terminal compatible with Alexa, greatly expanding access possibilities. However the new option is downgraded exclusively for games on the GamePass list (Any arbitrary purchase can be avoided), So you need to use the Microsoft service.

At the moment it seems that in the Italian version of the capability this function is not yet active; It is still in the distribution phase and we will have to wait a while before trying it out outside the US. Anyway, it’s interesting how Alexa has now become Cortana’s true heir.

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