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Firmware Update 12.1.0 has been used with the new functionality

Usually, our machines slightly modify their internal program to fix some bugs or to make the user experience more pleasant. This Tuesday, July 6, 2021, this is the Nintendo Switch that is going for a newer version.

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For once, this is not a question of overall improvement in consistency, without a precise question. Its presence should be considered satisfactory at this time, Nintendo Switch is entitled to a minor innovation with update 12.1.0, which provides additional comfort in installing the game update.

This is exactly what it is Link Notes :

Version 12.1.0 (Released July 5, 2021)

Added the following system functionality:

  • If you do not have enough space on the system memory (internal storage) or micro SD card when downloading game software update data, you can now delete old game software data, allowing you to download new data.

When you delete old data, you will not be able to play the game until you can download the new data.

General computer stability improvements have been made to improve the user experience.

To manually update your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, if this is not for you, go to the console submenu after the console settings menu at the bottom of the left column. You can find the Update Console option there.

Note that Joy-Khan updates. Nintendo has not commented on the contribution adjustment. For installation, you need to go to the Console Settings and Controllers and Sensors submenu.

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