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Nintendo refers to the Rome Universe again: it does not pay the first of 42,000 monthly installments

Nintendo refers to the Rome Universe again: it does not pay the first of 42,000 monthly installments

Nintendo Has always taken the matter of theft very seriously and has played many things Legal action against the owners of portals that allow ROM downloads Related to games distributed on its consoles. Usually these cases end with millionaire sentences in favor of the Kyoto house, but the result of one of the most recent takes a tragic outline: Nintendo is ready to apply for a permanent restraining order for non-payment of $ 50. But let’s go in order.

Matthew Storman was convicted last May of illegally uploading and distributing Nintendo games on his Rome Universe portal. Compensation of more than 1 2.1 million for Kyoto home. The judge who handled the case decided not to issue a permanent restraining order against Storman, which is why the portal was shut down for only a short time and then returned to operation, leaving Nintendo bitterly in the mouth: he won the case but could not completely stop the accused’s work.

The most interesting aspect of the story is about the way compensation was given to such an important person. In fact, being unemployed, Storman can never pay $ 1.1 million, which is why Next … the amount to be paid for 3,500 years is divided into $ 50 (total 42,000 installments) convenient monthly installments. Nintendo could never have gotten the agreed 2.1 million, but Storman’s behavior could lead to a distorted decision.

Condemned, in fact, The first monthly payment 50 was not paid, Gives Nintendo the opportunity to prove Storman’s total credibility and that the court ruling will not protect the company against past and future violations of the same character, which is why it is now seeking a permanent restraining order that could better protect it. It is difficult to imagine that even this time we will reach such a comfortable compromise.

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