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Fire Symbol Heroes: Celebrate the fourth anniversary of the game

Fire Symbol Heroes: What’s New in Version 5.4.0?

The announcement of the Development Committee is here.
We would like to introduce you to the new features and changes of version 5.4.0.

Item New item added: Heaven Stone


New item called Heaven Stone

Included in the game!

A Sky Stone is a special item that you can call the hero you want after summoning it at least 40 times during a hub. Whenever you summon the 5 ★ hero you want in a summonable event like Focusing on “New Heroes”, you will receive a Heaven Stone that will be shown live. ‘Summon screen.

4/6/2021 7:00 AM (UTC) You can get Heaven Stones from the “New Heroes: The Bond of Hope” center starting.

Event If you can summon 5 ★ (Focus) Hero more than once after 40 mons summons during an event, you can get a paradise stone for each of these free summonses.
For more information on how to call a hero of your choice see the notice dedicated to each particular focus.

The Foxy Summon screen will display a counter where you can receive Heaven Stones, indicating the number of completed summons and the Heaven Stone icon. By tapping the heavenly stone icon, you will be redirected to the heavenly store.

Note: We confirm the existence of an issue that incorrectly displays a gap between these two items after purchasing all the available round packs with the Summon Counter and Heaven Stone Icon above. The release is scheduled to fix this issue. 5.5.0.

Heaven Stones can be exchanged for awakened souls, attribute fruits, dragon flowers and more.

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There is a limit to how many times each item can be traded in the heavenly store. The range of each object will be displayed next to the words “exchange rest”. “. The number of items you can get for a trade will be reset every six months, after which you can exchange Skystones again for items that are no longer available.

The reset will take place on 1/11/2021 7:00 (UTC).
Reset The rest of the days are displayed at the top of the next reset store screen under “Still XXD for recovery”.
Future In the future, the set of items available in the store may change in some cases when resetting the number of remaining trades.

Limited updated the list of heroes with limited time military manuals

Following the release of version 5.4.0, players can now receive divine scrolls: retrieve them for new limited-time military manuals using the Instant 4 and Army Manual package feature during events.

Divine Coils: Instant 4 can be exchanged for the following military manuals:

Update The military manuals included in this update can be compiled up to 5/28/2021 6:59 (UTC).
Ine Divine Scrolls: Get instant 4 from events that start after update 5.4.0 is launched.
Ine Divine Scrolls: Get instant 3 consecutive drops of events starting before update 5.4.0 starts.

Arms added new weapons and new upgrades

In 5th rank, the following heroes can now get the new weapons assigned to them.

Hero who can learn this ability: Marisa, Scarlet Lightning

Flower spear
Heroes who can learn this skill: Sumia, the heart of flowers

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Above the above weapons can be upgraded in the arsenal upon receipt.
To learn the skills, go to the “Training” section of the “Partners” menu and select “Teach Skills”.

The following weapons for new effects can now be upgraded using Arena medals and Divine Duo:

Grima’s eye
Heroes who can learn this ability: Lynfon, the distant son

Go Polk
Heroes who can learn this skill: Kuan, the glowing spearman

Armageddon Perserk
Hero who can learn this skill: Hector, stubborn warrior

Note: To open the Armory Workshop, you must complete Chapter 13 of Book I of the Scene, followed by a second interval, “The Rite of Blades”.

Updated Heavenly Raid Mode

Structures Increase in the maximum level of some structures:

・ Tactical Room (A / D): Level 8

Renewed Ether Center

Three new titles have been added to the Hall concert arena: “Map – Ch. Fire symbol heroes.

Aw Awareness Tower updated

Of name

Awareness lights obtained after completion of rooms 4, 7, and 10 will become 2 in the Tower of Awakening events that begin after the renovation.

Daily will display a notification on the home screen when requesting your daily reward. Earlier, an announcement appeared while the event was active. After the renewal, the notice will only be displayed when you receive a daily reward such as Orps.

Ö Mjölnir Attack Update

A Increasing the maximum size of a mechanism:

・ Key incarnation: Level 4

■ Heroic Grails

The following heroes can now be summoned by spending Heroic Grails:

Veronica, given Love
Dettorba, Insective Night

Other changes

Custom You can now choose whether or not your custom avatar should appear on the home screen. To do this, tap “Other”, then “Settings”, then “Home screen avatar”.

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Story The third book of the main story includes buttons that allow you to see Cutskens.
The buttons that allow you to see the cut-outs of Part 2 and the third-cuttskins of the book are included in the third book of the main story in the “View” tab.

Enhanced view of the top and bottom of the screen on large devices.

That’s all there is to know about this update!
We hope you continue to have fun with Fire Emblem Heroes.