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Raise the curtain for the second spotlight trailer from Sonic Colors Ultimate • Nintendo Connect

The Ultimate Digital is available today from Nintendo Connect

Sega is released today Sonic Colors: Ultimate, An overhaul of the popular Nintendo Wii platform since 2010. Sonic Colors: Ultimate Offers best-selling original paint, upgraded graphics, additional features and the new “Competitive Rush” mode, giving players the ultimate sonic experience. Test our game Sonic Colors: Ultimate You can read it here.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Available now in digital stores for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and PC. The commercial version will be released at a later date and will include an additional Sonic Key Phoebe.

In Sonic Colors: Ultimate Dr. who did evil. Ekman has created a huge galaxy amusement park full of incredible rides and colorful attractions – but he runs it with the power of the trapped alien species “Whispers”. Sonic can only release whistles with the help of his breathtaking speed. As he explores the six unique and colorful worlds he learns the secrets of these amazing powers – however, Sonic must be careful about the numerous enemies and obstacles in each of these areas. The blue hedgehog was tested, but the whistles could help him too. Their magical powers gave him special abilities, with the help of which he will surely master special missions!


  • Sonic speed and unstoppable action: Increase adrenaline-pumping speed, magnify challenging worlds and maneuver Sonic through dangerous obstacles. Plan your attacks properly so as to charge your motivation to reach supersonic speeds.
  • Galactic Amusement Park: Discover and enjoy the attractive surroundings, for example the pleasant mountains full of all kinds of sweets or the fish park, the innumerable pools full of sea creatures. All the parks and attractions are located around the mysterious Astro Amusement Park.
  • Whispe-Power-Ups: Sonic improves his skills by using the extraterrestrial powers of Whispered. These can be used to defeat enemies and uncover the secrets behind the galaxy amusement park. With Ghost Whistle, you can penetrate even massive objects and find alternative routes.
  • White Whisp – Boost fills the gauge and accelerates to high speed. Obstacles and enemies along the way are destroyed.
  • Sean Whispe – Transforms Sonic into a powerful Cyan laser so that it moves at lightning speed and strikes enemies.
  • Jade Whispe – Sonic turns into a jade ghost, which penetrates solid objects to find hidden areas.
  • Rosa Whisp – Sonic turns into a pink stinger and it will roll over walls and ceilings and attack enemies.
  • Green Whisp – Sonic turns into a green floating form to reach greater heights, so he can float over treacherous obstacles.
  • Orange Whisp – Turns Sonic into an orange rocket that rises in the air and reaches unparalleled heights.
  • Place Whispe Change the blue rings and blue blocks to open new paths. Sonic turns into a blue cube so he can trample enemies as far as he can.
  • Gelps Whisp – Turns Sonic into a yellow drill. It can dig itself into the ground or accelerate through the water.
  • Leela Whispe – Put Sonic on the hungry purple and he will swallow everything that comes to him.
  • Better than ever: Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Sonic Colors: Ultimate comes with colorful and edited graphics, refined controls and many game enhancements. Thanks for the backward compatibility, the title PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.
  • HD-updates – New HD updates and other upgrades, 60 fps, revised lighting, improved graphics and 4K resolution
  • ParkhamApplication & Adjustment – You can use in-store parking coins to open unique boosts, aras, shoes and gloves for Sonic.
  • Customizable controls – Adjust the controls to suit your style of play.
  • The tails are stored – Store the tails and find safety
  • 100 Count Ring Collect 100 count loops to temporarily become invincible and increase your score after each level
  • Music – You are Dr. Put an end to Ekman’s evil plan
  • “Match-Rush”-method: Test your skills against Metal-Sonic. Defeat him to open up more rewards.

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