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800 days without news from Nintendo

800 days without news from Nintendo

Waiting Metro Prime4 By Nintendo Saga fans, the fate of returning to the hybrid console after years of absence from the video game scene.

However, the path to lead Samus Aran returned This is not yet complete. In the release The first teaser trailer There were no particularly positive news following this announcement, which postponed the moment of the exclusive introduction Nintendo Switch. In January 2019, Kyoto announced its decision to fully resume production of the company. The development team is not satisfied with the responsibility Metro Prime4, – never officially revealed – Nintendo hands back Bounty Hunter into care Retro Studios.

Since then, however, the Texan team has never provided specific details about the progress of the works and has not shown any trailers. Well, today – Monday 5 April 2021 – Exactly 800 days have passed without any news Metro Prime 4. Very long time, however, there are currently no signs of a deadline: no introductory window has actually been contacted yet for a new introduction Samus Aran.

In October last year, Retro Studios has expanded its headquarters, With an investment of about half a million dollars.

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