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Fire Symbol Heroes: Celebrate the fourth anniversary of the game

Fire Icon Heroes: Golden Week Events!

The announcement of the Development Committee is here.

Festival of “Attention” Heroes! “
“Choose Your Heroes” The four heroes who topped the previous editions were four “Heroes Festival!” Focus on Focus will appear as heroes. “Different. In addition, the initial span rate of Focus Heroes during these summon events will be 5%!

During these centers, you do not need to spend balls for your first summons! Do not miss this opportunity to fill your army ranks!

A “Get Ticket” searches
To 26/4/2021 7:00 (UTC) au 10/5/2021 6:59 (UTC)

By completing these quests, four “Heroes Festival!” You can earn up to five summon tickets for each. », Which generates a total of 20 tickets. In these quests, you have to defeat the enemies using some kind of heroes. Make sure you start putting together the best team!

Fe “Fe Quiz” event

To 26/4/2021 4:00 (UTC) au 3/5/2021 3:59 (UTC)

We will soon be running a quiz where we will ask a question a day on the official Fire Icon Heroes Twitter account for the duration of the event!

If the community answers five of the seven questions correctly and collectively, all players will receive 10 rounds and 150 divine scrolls: Part 2!

Note: Gift distribution is expected to take place between 10/5/2021 7:00 (UTC) and 24/5/2021 6:59 (UTC).

Official Fire Icon Heroes Twitter Account Here !

Login Bonus: Golden Week
To 26/4/2021 7:00 (UTC) au 10/5/2021 6:59 (UTC)

Get Special Login Bonus to Celebrate Golden Week! You can earn up to 100 Dragon Flowers, 50 Holy Coins and 50 Heroic Grails in each category by signing up for the event!

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Log This login bonus can be earned up to 10 times during the event.
In order to take advantage of each of these game-game items, see the “Items” section at the end of this announcement.

Qu “Quintupled EXP and AP” event
Du 30/4/2021 7:00 (UTC) au 3/5/2021 6:59 (UTC) et du 7/5/2021 7:00 (UTC) au 10/5/2021 6:59 (UTC)

Get XP and AB five times more when fighting this time! Do not miss this perfect opportunity to upgrade your heroes and teach them skills!

Double “Dual EXP and AP” event
To 26/4/2021 7:00 (UTC) au 30/4/2021 6:59 (UTC) et du 3/5/2021 7:00 (UTC) au 7/5/2021 6:59 (UTC)

Earn twice as much as EXP and AP fights this time! Take advantage of this event to upgrade your heroes!

Golden Week Orbital Packages

To 26/4/2021 7:00 (UTC) au 10/5/2021 6:59 (UTC)

We are going to sell special round packs including surprise bonuses for a limited time!

Week Golden Week Orb Pack
12 rounds (6 + 6 bonus)
Note: This offer is valid only twice per player.

La Ticket de la Golden Week Pack
48 rounds (36 + 12 bonus) + bonus
Festival First Summon Ticket for “Festival: CVH (4th Year)”.
Note: This offer is valid only twice per player.

Snow Specter Orb Pack
77 rounds (60 + 17 bonus) + bonus
★ Heroine 5 ★, Zodiac, Snow Specter
வீர 100 Heroic Grails
Note: This offer is valid only twice per player.

Draw Pack Dracofluor
143 rounds (110 + 33 as a bonus) + bonus
120 Dragon flowers in each genus
Note: This offer is for one player only.

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You can see the offers in the “Purchase” menu.

Gift bonus items can be redeemed from your gift list after purchase.
6 of the orbs in the Week Golden Week orb collection will be distributed through a gift list.