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Mitobia: The demo is available at Eishop |

It was announced last February during the very rich Nintendo Live, Mitopia Customizable function RPG is exclusive Nintendo Switch, Is expected when leaving for the next May 21, 2021. Players can use historians Many In a hilarious adventure, in an attempt to overthrow domination The Lord of Darkness.

One month after the title was officially released, Nintendo Has enteredeShop A demo Mitopia It also (above all) includes the part of creating yours Many, Which can be customized with different and fun wicks and makeup. Users Nintendo Switch Online They can share their mays, download their friends, and download characters from the original game 3Ds In 2017 (who Our review).

I am inside the game Many They can create, as in the original title, their relationships with each other, which can affect the statistics and performances during joint fights. The improvement made by playing the demo may be significant for the entire game after it is purchased. Mitopia is costly 49.99 Euro, And coming together in a new, unprecedented way Blue version of Nintendo Switch Light.

Are you ready for this incredible adventure? RPG Play with your friends and their beauties Many? Have you already thought about how to customize your avatar? The Lord of Darkness?

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