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Melota announced the Pokemon GO Festival 2021 • Nintendo merger

Melota announced the Pokemon GO Festival 2021 • Nintendo merger

Niantic has announced the dates for Pokemon Geo Fest 2021, which can be marked on the mysterious Pokemon provided during the event, and can be captured at the end of all missions – Melota. This Pokemon game with its natural and psycho genres is from the fifth generation. In dance form, the psycho type is replaced by fighting.

His hair resembles stalks from music. It shows bar lines and reference points and identifies different pitches. His right hand holds it like a microphone, while its head has a kind of headset, otherwise its status is very similar to that of a singer.

Below is a photo from a blog post announcing this year’s GO-Fest. Apparently, the shield with the word “festival” refers to the music and the mysterious Pokmon melody. According to Pokitex In Pokemon games, Melota has the power to control the emotions of others through his songs. The logo for the 2021 Pokemon Geo Fest includes not only references, but also green, similar to Melota’s dance form. However, the origin of Melotta has not yet been officially confirmed. According to Pokemon Omega Rubin For example, its nearby Pokemon can be made happy or sad by its melodies.

The film also shows Chichler, Marilyn, Picasso, Flegnoil, and Igamaro performing during the festival. Pokemon Geo Fest 2021 will again be a two-day global event on July 17 and 1821. More information is not yet available, but Nyandik said we will be celebrating both the 25th anniversary of Pokemon and the 5th anniversary of Pokemon GO in 2021, so looking forward can be a big party.

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Do you think the mysterious Pokemon Melota will create a good atmosphere at Pokemon Geo Fest 2021, or does Niantic play the wrong melody for us?