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Sales Report in Japan for August 2021

Sales Report in Japan for August 2021

Famitsu shared the latest monthly report on video game sales in Japan, this time covering August 2021 (July 26 to August 29 or 5 weeks).

Last month, the best-selling game in Japan was Yu-Ki-O! Rush Duel: Psycho Battle Royale !!. It has had a great start to the series since 2002 and has sold no less than 122,530 physical copies. The second innovation in the top 5 is the Tsukihime – the blue glass moon – which sold 72,237 copies on the Nintendo Switch. The most important start that caused so many stockouts.

  1. [NSW] You G O! Rush Towel: Psycho Battle Royale !! (Konami): 122,530 copies
  2. [NSW] Minecraft (Microsoft Japan): 79,466 copies
  3. [NSW] Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo): 78,350 copies
  4. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo): 77,708 copies
  5. [NSW] Sukihim – a piece of blue glass moon- (type-moon): 72 237 Examples

In August, the Nintendo Switch sold 361,151 copies, up from 5 weeks in July (287,622 copies) but instead of July 4th. The effect of the Nintendo Switch OLED announcement on the current flagship console sales curve in Japan is not yet known.


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