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Final of the German Championship: Female polar bears lose big sense - sport

Final of the German Championship: Female polar bears lose big sense – sport

In the end, this is not enough to create a huge stir. The Esperan Juniors women’s team lost 1: 4 to ESC Blanche-Vermdl in the final of the German Championship in Fusen on Sunday afternoon. Lucy Keilhar scored for the Berliners in the 52nd minute, meanwhile, advancing 1: 3.

The presence of the Polar Bears in the final was a big surprise. With 2: 1 they eliminated the big championship favorites from ERC Ingolstadt on Saturday afternoon. Two goals from importer Theresa Natsan, more beautiful than the other, branded Ingolstadt’s defeat in addition to their bold performance. Nutson, who has scored twice, said he was “the best team performance” in his two-and-a-half years at the Bundesliga. There are very bad times for this.

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Berlin Women’s Day started with a little confusion. They competed as a home team against ESC Blanc, who was actually in second place after the main round and thus ranked better. In a match on neutral ground, this is really irrelevant except for a small detail. The polar bears had to wear their blue home jerseys. They were last worn on November 1, 2020. After that, due to the strict interpretation of the infection protection rules in Berlin compared to other federal states, they were only allowed to compete abroad.

“Maybe it’s real. We’re simply a distant team this season, not a home team,” head coach Daniel Bartell said with a smile. After a little disappointment, he soon found his sense of humor.

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“I think we were equal. Blaneck took advantage of opportunities, we missed them. That was the decisive point in the end,” was a brief analysis of his game. After several chances, they scored 11-0 just before the end of the middle division with a 2-0 lead by Jakin Reeves and a third goal 24 seconds after the start of the final. The second Spielberger sealed the eighth championship title for Goal Planck.

The 24-year-old international, who returned to his youth club on Wednesday after many years in the American College League, made a fantastic spin in the final. “We have a very young team, probably because we could not win both games in the end. But the weekend was fun.”

After some polar bears accepted their silver medals with tears in their eyes, they were able to celebrate again with a smile the biggest victory in club history. They now like to have blue jerseys for their personal collection.