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"There was an extraordinary level of confidence", the background revealed -

“There was an extraordinary level of confidence”, the background revealed –

In a recent interview with Games Radar, the co-founder Short dog – Andy Gavin – Revealed it in between his studio Sony Relationships were “very close” even before the team was acquired. Also, there seems to have been “Hope for an Extraordinary Level” Between the two parties.

Gavin said: “We worked very closely with Sony and we got used to it very well In practice we were almost a first party studio. We have no deal with Jack and Doxter, but they do pay some costs, so we had a Gentleman deal – we’re not going to go to Microsoft and play any other kind of game. ”

According to former leading technical artist Eric Iwazaki, Sony invested in Jack and Doctor without knowing what it really was. Here are his words in translation: “Seriously, how many developers have put successful games on the table for four years in a row? That kind of bonding has allowed us to create the original IP without even sharing much about it until co-founder Jason Rubin. I’m not sure he can present the game.”

Jack and the Doctor were released in 2001. The current co-chair of Naughty Dog, Neil Truckman . Assuming that the naughty dog ​​can pass on successful games from generation to generation, trust that there is a lot of trust between the two sides.

We also point out that Naughty Dog is looking for an economic designer for a live service game: Is this our last 2 multiplayer?

Sony and the naughty dog ​​trusted each other