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Secret change?  Voice messages do not have blue ticks

Secret change? Voice messages do not have blue ticks

There is a surprising change in popular chat usage that has not been detected for a long time. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Ambassador Service Share Automatic reading confirmation for voice messages has been canceled secretly, quietly and quietly. This is reported by the “Tech Book” page based on its own observation.

Previously, the next two blue eaters of a voice message automatically identified the sent message as arrived and heard. Reading receipts are also available for text messages or pictures – however, this can be disabled in the data protection settings on the recipient’s page. If you want to avoid ticks in voice messages, you have to use a trick: We describe here.

Unannounced adjustment

Now that has changed, as the authors of the “Tech Book” have noticed. Accordingly, the tick will no longer automatically turn blue once a voice message is heard – but only if both the sender and the receiver normally enable reading confirmation.

According to Techbook, the change was made without prior notice on March 11. It is not clear whether this is a permanent adjustment or a test.

To activate or deactivate the reading receipt, proceed as follows:

  1. In the upper right, tap the three vertical dots to open “Settings”.
  2. Now tap on “Account”.
  3. This continues with “data protection”.
  4. Here you can now move the slider under “Read Receipt”.

However, disabling the reading receipt means you can no longer find out when someone else saw, read or listened to the message being sent. The same rules now apply to text and voice messages. It is logical to think of it as a “tech book”.

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