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Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrated: PlayStation 5 Features Trailer Released

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrated: PlayStation 5 Features Trailer Released

For the recently announced PlayStation 5 game “Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrated”, a longer version of the first trailer has been released, which shows the technical improvements of the New-Gen version, among others.

A good four weeks ago, Sony and Squared officially announced that Enix would be part of the latest State of the Nation version. “Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrated” In. This is an exclusively technically modified version of the PS4 that was released last year UF-DLC Extended. Today the Square Enix announcement released a longer version of the trailer, which is mainly about the improved features on the PS5. As always, you can find the video below in the article.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: The PS5 version will be released in June 2021

In the extended trailer, the responsible developers give us a more detailed look at the midcar, which shines in the new wonder to the hardware power of the PlayStation 5. “Intergrade” should provide advanced configurations, modified lighting and optimal background environments. Additionally, players of the new-gen version of RPG Axi can choose between two game modes.

More precisely, these are “graphics mode” and “performance mode”. The former prioritizes the 4K resolution of the adventure, while the latter prioritizes action representation at a gentle 60 FPS. Also, the game will use the Hoptic feedback feature of the DualSense controller, which will make the fights even deeper than the PlayStation 4.

For the extra episode mentioned earlier about ninja warrior Yufi Kisaraki, he is said to have infiltrated the powerful Shinra company in DLC, especially to capture the powerful object. The developers promise an “extended gaming experience” with the addition of new characters, games and combat systems. UFC aims to ensure that fans do not miss the new perspective on the history of the remake.

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“Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrate” will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 on June 10, 2021.

How do you like the extended trailer for “Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrate”?

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