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The first city on Mars: The Red Planet has announced plans to cater to 250,000 people

The first city on Mars: The Red Planet has announced plans to cater to 250,000 people

As part of a competition organized by the Mars Society, an American non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the Red Planet, architecture firm Abibu has unveiled a plan for a sustainable city on Mars. The project, known as Nava, was shortlisted out of 175 projects submitted from around the world. Abibu Nova presented the proposal at the Society Society Conference on Tuesday in October, which was attended by Elon Musk of SpaceX, George Whitesights of Virgin Galactic and Jim Bridenstein, NASA Executive. Abibu, who has worked remotely from various offices around the world, collaborated with the Sonnet Network on the project. The network includes an international team of scientists led by astronomer Gillem Anglada and experts in astronomy, architecture, astronomy, aerospace engineering, astronomy, psychology and chemistry. To cope with the unique and difficult weather conditions, the design features an integrated vertical view of the steep sides of the mountains. According to the plan, there will be five cities, each with a population of 200,000 to 250,000. Modular and tubular “macro-buildings” are inserted high through the tunnels, connected to each other by a three-dimensional tunnel network designed to cover residential and work areas. The infrastructure will be integrated with “sky lobbies” designed to provide protection from views of the Martian landscape and external radiation. These canopies can be made from materials recovered from tunnel excavations in the mountains. Each block measures 60 by 10 meters and includes lush areas, urban gardens, art galleries and two compression sites to help dissipate heat and clean air. Animals and water bodies are dedicated to one type of experimental plant and another type of amusement park exclusively to promote physical and mental well-being in community green spaces.

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