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Tifa di luce_cosplay's Cosplay is unique -

Final Fantasy 7 remake,’s Tiffany’s Cosplay ready for action –

Tiffa of Final Fantasy 7 remake (And of course Final Fantasy 7) is a classic character for me cosplay, Sooner or later all the gossipers must wear clothes, which will give it an appeal to the general public. It’s like a litmus test, as demonstrated by’s, which makes Tiffany ready for action and especially dynamic.

The In costume It is practically properly prepared and reproduced in every detail, including the hairstyle. candylion.cos However, instead of abandoning Tiffany in some canonical pose, she chooses to take her outside, making her face the outside world as she acts.

For those who don’t know her, Tiffany is one of the most beloved characters in Final Fantasy 7, both for her charm and her fighting spirit. His female figure contrasts with the appearance of Aries, who is more angelic.

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