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Web light.  Dreams in your eyes for the first Olympics for Lily Sebacey and Albany

Web light. Dreams in your eyes for the first Olympics for Lily Sebacey and Albany

« Ambition Japan », The podcast of the French Sailing Federation invites you to find the 14 French athletes selected for the Tokyo Olympics. Hosted series Audio location of the Oyster-France site.

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This fourth episode takes us to Marseille, where we meet Lilly Cebesi and Alban Dubois, who qualified for the first Olympics in the 49ers. The 49er is a boat with a very wide hull, side wings and a crazy speed.

The meeting with two of the allies was very perfect between the daughter of the North (from Alban Lilly) and the daughter of the islands (Lily grew up in Guadeloupe). They are motivated, happy, talkative, and admit with a burst of laughter that they have a bad mood. What if it was the secret to their success?

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“We both demand people, we are already putting pressure on ourselves, They explain. We do not know what will be put in the mode of the project, we will see. In our view we had goals. Oh Not too much pressure because we know we are coming from a greater distance. Suddenly, we want to show our superior ability, which really takes more work. Oh We are both workers, two profiles, very different personalities, but suddenly very complementary. In fact, it was the strength of the team that made it possible to show this level of performance in just a few years. “

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Podcast Ambition Japan of the French Sailing Federation presented by Vanessa Lambert.