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Final ADA Tertiary Ranking: List of Provinces

Final tertiary ADA ranking They will be released in mid-August.

Provincial school offices are in contact Date From Release The tertiary ATA staff rankings are valid for the three-year school year 2021/2023.

All dates for each province are here. We will continue to update this article Each USB will announce the release date of the third band ADA rankings.

Release of Final Third Phase Rankings 2021

In mid-August, according to MIUR’s indications, school offices will have to release the final tertiary rankings of ATA staff. These are the lists used for theseMission From Replace For administrative, technical and ancillary staff of schools for the school years 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24. The timelines defined by the Ministry of Education want to ensure the provision of alternative workplaces already in place Since September, At the start of the school year.

So, getting started From the end of July, The final third tier ADA ranking is over. Third band ATA ranking release date State to state, Which depends on when the provisional rankings were released. In fact, in order to publish final versions, each USP must first publish provisional tertiary ADA rankings and evaluate the appeals that applicants make. For example, if the provisional list is released on July 20, each candidate has until July 30 to appeal for a third tier ADA ranking. The Scholastic Office should then evaluate the complaints and revise the lists, if any, before releasing specific ones.

Once the final ranking third ATA bracket is released, we remind you that it is not possible to appeal to schools, it is only possible Challenge them with a judicial appeal To the ordinary judge.

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Final Third Phase Ranking: Dates

Are here Date From Release Final tertiary individual rankings (list updated) as notified by USB special announcements:


Agrijento – July 28. Download the notice;
Syracuse – August 4. Download the notice.


Pizza – July 30. Download the notice;
Prato – 5 August. Download the notice;
Pistoya – August 5. Download the notice;
Luke – August 6. Download the notice.


Benevento – July 30. Download the notice;
Avelino – August 5. Download the notice.


Sasari – August 3. Download the notice.


Catanzaro – 6 August. Download the notice.


Not yet available.


Not yet available.

Emilia Romagna

Not yet available.

Friuli Venice Giulia

Not yet available.


Not yet available.


Not yet available.


Not yet available.


Not yet available.


Not yet available.


Not yet available.


Not yet available.

This list is being updated and we will insert all the sections as soon as the information comes out

Where to see rankings

Consider the final ADA tertiary ranking School Websites, On MIUR Web Portal For online events and throughApplication MyIS Ministry of Education. You can read this in-depth analysis to see ADA rankings for all useful information. We also have at your disposal this useful guide on how to verify yours Condition In the rankings POLIS site – Tax presentation of MIUR companies.

How to update

We will keep you up to date with all the latest ADA rankings. Follow us by registering for free Our newsletter Receive all updates and al Our telegraph channel Preview messages. Also visit our section dedicated to ATAs for updates on contests, hiring, new entries, rankings and terms.

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