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Two RiMS Racing Developer Videos have been released by • Nintendo Connect

Two RiMS Racing Developer Videos have been released by • Nintendo Connect

NACON And Raisward Studio Release two videos, which show the growth of the fan behind the scenes RiMS betting Give. Motorcycle Simulation August 19 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Available in stores for S and PC. Version for Nintendo Switch Available in stores later.

The first video of the developers shows the various stages of diary development RiMS betting. It starts with the design and research carried out by the teams in order to be able to create the most realistic motorcycle simulator possible. With Art Director Mauro Ferrari, Cam Designer Alessandro Carullo and Executive Producer Sergio Rogo Explains Marco Ponte – CEO Raceword Studio And the Creative Director This chapter also highlights the value of the studio’s collaboration with producers such as Ducati. Take a look at the history and reality of the motorcycle manufacturer, along with the official Ducati Test rider Alessandro Valia RiMS betting.

In the second video, the development team focuses on different game modes, especially the professional mode, as well as the ways and roads that are reproduced in the game. Along with Giulio Bansani and Stefano Rodrானzani from Polytechnico de Milano’s research department, sports designer Alessandro Carullo looks at the physics model. Just as gamers always strive for maximum performance, this is also a central aspect of the development process RacewordThat is why they have consulted experts in the field of motorcycle mechanics like Lorenzo Marri in their development.

In a series of developer videos, the teams reveal some of the secrets behind the product RiMS betting. Creating an excellent simulation of the KT engine’s physical practices, innovative functions such as mechanical accuracy of each motorcycle, game modes, ambient noise, and level testing, which enables real-time vision. Status of motorcycle parts and detailed customization options for motorcycles and driver.

It focuses on mechanics as the central part of the game it presents RiMS betting Tests an excellent gaming experience and technical and driving skills. With innovative engine management, every part of the bike – up to the smallest component – can be optimized. With Rims Racing Italian studio Rosward wants to elevate the level of realism and customization to a new level. This is made possible by the KD engine, which is specially developed by KD Racing for motorsport simulation.

During more than 70 events in a season or multiple challenges in multiplayer, during a promise RiMS betting Full immersion in the competitive world of motorcycle racing, in which success depends on driving ability just like a motorcycle.

A new one will appear every Thursday at 3 p.m. Rims Racing– Developer Diary Video by Raceword And NACON.

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