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Ferrari is not for everyone: it has a blacklist of unwanted customers

Ferrari is one of the most famous luxury cars in the world. However, sometimes, being a millionaire is not even enough to buy a red: let’s find out why.

A Ferrari on display (Getty Images)

Let’s face it, own Ferrari The dream of every car enthusiast in the world. Modena House has been producing machine jewelry for over sixty years, It is very bright.

Even for those who don’t slow down a lot of engines, There is enough money to buy a Ferrari It is a symbol of real status, allowing for the economic power that many in “normal” jobs can imagine.

Prices vary greatly from model to model and are considered a new Ferrari in terms of options and additional services. It will cost at least 200,000 euros About in Europe.

However, the horse house is very exclusive and above all very selective with its customers: there is an updated list Has “unwanted” customers To the house in Maranello.

The list – currently only partially published – includes At least 11 key figures: Entrepreneurs, singers, influencers, rappers and world famous actors. The reasons are ethical: buying a car on social media or There are legal conflicts For example, there are facts that Maranello does not like.

But why do some Hollywood movie stars or singers continue to top the spotlight rankings? Can they ever buy a red bike? The reasons are varied and many are linked to the reputation of the house, the reputation that Ferrari does not want to tarnish.

Maranello’s blockchain: VIPs who have never had a Ferrari here

Nicholas Cage July 16, 2021
Famous Actor Nicholas Cage (Facebook)

The list of celebrities who do not want to sell a new car Ferrari is long and varied: the most important of the most important names Nicholas Cage, Popular actor for blockbusters like “Face Off” or for the saga “The Mystery of the Templars”. The reasons are purely economic.

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Cage and He was accused of stealing his wealth Ridiculous – for example, by buying a Tyrannosaurus fossil for millions of dollars – so this would not be good publicity for Cavallino.

About what Justin Bieber? Canadian pop star managed – incredible but true – to lose his Ferrari 458 Italia for three weeks, at a cost Hours of research and a lot of money above all else To Modena’s house that barred him from future purchases.

Relying on this, rapper is another star of world music 50 cents, Author of a milestone such as “get rich or try” who allegedly protested violently against Ferrari on Instagram After staying on foot With his Ferrari 488.

Modena’s leaders do not like the tones used by the rapper, he never wants to sell a new car, like the pilot Preston Hen – who died in 2017 – who he brought A lawsuit against Ferrari, Ends the list of villains of the Italian house.

The list goes on and on: the rapper is one of the most important characters Taiga – Ferrari – Case for non-payment of lease payments from a boxer Floyd Mayweather Who will get a new Ferrari to show it on social media Kim Kardashian, Ferrari 458 accused of buying Italy with dirty money.

In short, having more bank account than strong That is not enough Buy a Ferrari: Modena takes the relationship of trust with the home customer very seriously It does not offer a second chance For those who break it.