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Ferrari 812 Versione Speciale, ecco le prime foto

Ferrari 812 Special Edition, first photos here – Auto World

Again, new developments Ferrari 812 Special Edition, The new, more serious variant of the 812 Superfast is due to be released by Cavalino this year. In fact, some photos shared Rosso 812, The same profile that posted the video of Melanello’s chief marketing and business officer Enrico Galilera, showing a car from above, identified as the new Ferrari 812 special edition (or GTO, the more valid name despite the words is the Italian brand manager).

The Ferrari 812 GTO comes in 2021, the swan song for the V12

In the stolen shot you immediately notice a generous front vent running across the entire bonnet, while the design of the roof looks different than what was already seen in the standard version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Aerodynamic solutions that further reduce the weight of the air. Special edition, Not only bringing a new extreme car from the Cavallino to the road, but it should also be the last car with the naturally desired V12 engine made in Maranello. In the past, Maranello’s chief technology officer, Michael Letters, Cavalino’s stated goal was to “keep the naturally desired V12 as alive as possible”, so it’s likely to be seen in the Ferrari Prosangu, the Modena car manufacturer’s first SUV.

An important step for Ferrari is to shift its focus towards electrification, with continuous hybrid engines complying with stricter regulations in terms of emissions. So there is a possibility for that The engine exceeds 850 hp, At the time of launch, the 812 Superfast had the most powerful 12-cylinder V-engine ever produced (until the arrival of the Monza SP1 and SP2 boats). The new Ferrari, whose name is still shrouded in mystery, is expected to be released in mid-April, even after the hypothesis that the special Ferrari is only an internal identity in Maranello.

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