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Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition - now available for consoles

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition – now available for consoles

What do secret government agencies and big environmental cities have in common? Wonderful new places to visit at Two Point Hospital are: Jumbo Edition: – Available now To PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One And the Nintendo Switch!

The Jumbo Edition is a package with basic games, four extensions and two item packs for a total of 27 hospitals, 189 diseases and plenty of items to keep in hospitals! Players can travel to new areas in Two Point County and discover alien creatures in “Close Encounters” or go on a journey of environmental success on “Off the Grid” with the Mayor of Two Point County.

Contents of Jumbo Edition:

Bigfoot takes you to the winter area of ​​Spitzberg, where the local celebrity Eddie Bartholomew F. Eddie has petitioned for better health care. Mr. Eddie needs your help to cure new ailments like cold shoulder, dramatic tick and snoring trauma (Aurora Snorealis)!

On Pepperley Island, your adventure begins in the mild climates of Pepperley Reef, where you must finally capture the breathtaking Dobles Mountain while attempting to unravel the lost mystery of eternal youth before landing in the dense, unexplored overgrown land.

In Close Encounters, rumors continue about an encounter outside of this world. Deal with conspiracies, secret institutions and extraordinary diseases such as scientific friction and inhumanity. There may be a few aliens to see …

For those who are more interested in green things and Thai nature … no problem! Of the Grid you have mastered the new game mechanics on the path to eco-friendly success. Go to Two Point County’s first eco-town and go horticultural work, but don’t get root beet or green fingers!

Turn the clock around with a delightful collection of 26 retro and vintage items that can be placed in your hospitals with the Retro Object package or channel your inner muse with the exhibition material package. There is additional information about extensions and item packs Here.

Physics Edition of Two Point Hospital: The Jumbo Edition is now available For the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Players around the world can initially purchase the jumbo version digitally on all platforms via first-party stores. Fans who already have Two Point Hospital on consoles can purchase new content digitally (separately).

More information about the Jumbo Edition and everything about Two Point Hospital can be found here

There is more about the game Web light, Facebook And Twitter. More information from Sega Europe can be found here And above Facebook, Instagram, Web light And Twitter.

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