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Fasano dumping waste in the forest: Report

Fasano dumping waste in the forest: Report

Fasano – During a patrol in the mountains of Selva de Fasano, the forest police of the Ostuni station covered an area of ​​about 600 square meters and 400 cubic meters, concentrated in two large masses, somewhat leveled, mainly to build demolition waste, as well as pieces of “boards”.

The military has identified the person responsible for the illegal deposit as the owner of the neighboring fund, 47-year-old MM, who reported to the public prosecutor of the UK for unauthorized waste management, according to Article 256, paragraph 1, Lett. a) Legislative Order No. 152 of 2006 (“Integrated Environment Act”).

The illegal removal is linked to the reconstruction of a nearby residential building, the owner of which has decided to use the neighboring land to deposit the remains of the construction site. Since it is hazardous waste, the accused can avoid criminal proceedings by paying ,500 6,500 for the benefits introduced by Law No. 68 of 2015 and disposing of the waste according to the instructions given, otherwise, during the sentence, a fine of 2,600 to 26 thousand euros and three months Arrested for up to one year, in addition it is subject to restoration of seats.

The forest police have subjected the entire area occupied by the waste to criminal evidence. During this period, with the approach of the summer, the maintenance and renovation work of residential properties intensified, mainly in the mountains and coastal resorts, where the control action of forest patrols was concentrated, both in terms of building regulations to deal with any irregularities, and, as such, the illegal removal of waste from construction site activities. Sadly more often.

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