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False Test: You'll Like Cats, Even If You Don't!

False Test: You’ll Like Cats, Even If You Don’t!

BlueTwelve Studio A small company located in the south of France and it has designed an exotic game where players play a cat… And so Stray was born on consoles Sony Interactive Entertainment and on the computer, inevitably, we went through this cat ordeal to give you our impressions. Did we have a good time? It’s time to answer that.

False is catchy, charming and elegant.

Stray’s visuals are overall pleasant. We walk in very narrow areas, and overall, the rendering is admirable for viewers. The environment is full of all kinds of details and the play of light, as well as reflections, is fascinating. There are some minor flaws in this area like pop up Some textures pop up without warning, animations are a bit rough and there are minor collision bugs. Fear not, it won’t spoil the experience, The title reveals a captivating art direction that hides these minor flaws.

On the soundtrack side, we have tones that stick with the film. When chased by small creatures, the music becomes louder, and if we drag our feet, the notes become softer and slower. It’s charming and fun to listen to. If you play it a Sports station, the cat’s voice should drown you out of the loudspeaker. In go astray, so we play a cat who is separated from his family and finds himself in a cybernetic and mysterious city. His goal? Run away from the scene and find his loved ones. The story is elegant and conveys messages about life, society and what we are missing. Spiritually, this production reminds us of the work of Yukito Kishiro. Gunnm.

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False 04Handling is simple and limited to a few things… we can only go fast and jump on walls if the game allows it. Also, we can meow, but not only. Remember, we’re a cat, which means we can do cat things. Should I say that? We may scratch ourselves on carpets (with some resistance from the urges of DualSense), someone scratches at a door to open us, sleeps and beats on a cushion (Th. DualSense To make our cat feel a little commotion, hide it in a cardboard box, put its head in a paper bag or knock things off the table with its paw. What is this for? Nothing, except to make you love these animals so much, they are cabbages.

To progress, you must explore restricted areas and complete puzzles. In addition, our cat along with a little mecha flying, P-12, which helps us throughout our odyssey. Somewhat resentfully, The puzzles are very easyOnly once We wouldn’t have been against a little more trouble. Furthermore, we reserve the right to chase and penetrate phases to avoid monopoly. A stray eye-catcher, only here, it doesn’t take long to reach the end of the tunnel. Count around 4 hours to watch the credits.


go astray Charming, charming and elegant. The experience is in the mind and it’s hard to put the controller down once the beast is done. So yes, scraps can be re-soldered in a snap of fingers, life expectancy is very short, but The title refers to spirits by sending beautiful messages to players. Here we are a Meowster class Independent games worthy of the longest and most exciting adventure.

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Stray is available on the PlayStation Store for €30 and you can buy A PSN card on Amazon.

Most of them

  • A fun art movement
  • Good sound environment
  • Step into the skin of a cat and do fun cat things
  • Delivered beautiful news
  • Puring, great feelings with DualSense


  • It’s short, very short, sniff
  • Puzzles, very easy
  • Limited grip on tabs