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Montesquieu-Valvestre.  A strand of history with the smartphone

Montesquieu-Valvestre. A strand of history with the smartphone

Available year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the municipality of Montesquieu offers a historical and cultural tour on your smartphone. Do you want to know the “small and big” history of the city, like a trip through time, while strolling the streets? Townhall unlocks this feature and offers this fun walkthrough on a smartphone. Just scan the “QR code” displayed in front of the tourist office. Know in advance, no restrictions, at your own pace, no application to download, no personal data to fill in or register… A walk in the city center discovers the city in a different way. A walk in quiz format, accessible to all, lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes (go with your kids, the “instructive” questions will make them discover history in a fun way). Questions may relate to an architectural element, a watercourse, a municipality personality, a street name, a sign or an iconic local institution, a historical fact. For example the round to enter the cathedral; With the idea of ​​going deeper into the matter based on the resources already made available by the municipality. So, at the front of the tourist office (Place de la Halle), any day or any time, find the poster “With our stories” and find the said QR code to scan (with a smartphone or tablet) and you will be guided. Follow the instructions on your screen throughout your intimate walk. Interest to be emphasized, because not indifferent: the style is in many languages, you choose the “favorite”.

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Contact and information. Montesquieu-Valvestre Town Hall. Walks that present “with our stories”.