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Fallen Legion: Revenants, Review

Fallen Legion: Revenants, Review

An adventure with a specific story pattern and different game dynamics from the crowd. Can this fourth installment series be taken to new heights or will it be hosted in the past? Let’s find out now from our Fallen Legion: Reverend Review

The panorama of RPGs, whether they are Oriental or Western, is now complete with choices for every taste: moderate warfare, ATP, Action RPG, Shooting RPG, Souls, MetroVania, with a little bit of everything. Fans of this genre have long had a wide selection and, especially in recent times, with various remakes and remakes of the old glories to come out and be noticed, of course you have to do something more than confuse the offer in circulation.

NIS America and Yummy Yummy Dummy Games, the historical creators of the Fallen Legion series, attempted to pull off the fourth (albeit the third to the series’ story) episode of two-dimensional RPG history, but without some complications. The use of old dynamics, the two-dimensional game has no news loading times of at least 15 years or more in the background, making this chapter a missed opportunity to take that leap that the series needs. But let’s go right and see what makes us not believe in the Fallen Legion: Reverend’s review.


Fallen Legion: Revenants: A War Stage

The Plot In the Fallen Legion: Revenants, as we have already seen I tried our demo, Takes place in Welkin’s floating castle. Manor is in control of an evil sorcerer, Five, an insincere old-fashioned career who can do anything to accomplish his shadowy plans, harming any creature. Our goal is to be able to transcend the rules of the two protagonists and remove the shadowy image.

First Lucian, One politician known within the walls, the other Rowena, Or rather the rest, being the ghost of a woman whose five sons are imprisoned and wanting at all costs to free him. The latter has the wonderful ability to evoke role models on his side, the anthropological materialization of the soul of weapons, able to do its job. Lucian Welkin will have to trick into the walls to avoid getting caught up in the conspiracy against the Ivory, and in doing so he will have to try to make as many friends as possible. As always, nothing is easy, and our chats become more and more complicated and convoluted as we accommodate the tyrant. It is true that there is a point in favor of the title There is no end to the storyIn fact, depending on the choices made and the cross paths taken, we can see that we are more or less happy with the different results. Obviously there is a “real end”, but you have to work hard to get it.

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Simply old game?

Fallen Battalion Revenues1
Fallen Legion: Revenants: An Explanation

Game Breaks Two methods: First Absolutely Study During this time we will only impersonate Louisiana, and the dialogues to deepen the dynamics that unite the various characters of Welk are not always very successful; The other is exclusively Action Our Rowena and her role models aim to fight against different types of enemies. Feelings returned by both types Sports They are completely opposed.

Although the action phase is at least well thought out and has interesting dynamics, one thing to explore is that, apart from a few bad points, you will have to cross conversations during Rowana’s actions, encounters that will allow you to choose the right path at various crossroads, very repetitive and flat. Conversations, all strictly in English, As well as not all game menus are branched too low, but sometimes, after certain points in the game, only items are opened to progress in the plot, and then frequently return to previously scripted phrases. If it is called a “study”, it is a result without secrets, hidden conversations or specific passages, details that one would expect in an RPG in this century.

In our game we were able to open three results with 8 examples, but in reality we did nothing in particular, we actually changed what we saw on the screen or we could severely affect this or that non-player character. Yes, of course the various epics cover the results, but we never encounter epic twists or specific events. Unfortunately for all of these we need to add the detail we already highlighted in the demo test. While this is certainly not a game that pushes the console 100% (among other things we played with lagging compatibility on the PS5) it is ridiculous, even after a string of dialogues Animations Just go idle for even 10 seconds without the possibility of obviously moving anything. This loading problem led to a total freeze once or twice, but only after a few fights. Apparently we believe this is provided by the game’s not properly refined code, but of course the recession is worrying even at this point. Then we hope they will be fixed with a link.

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Fallen Regiment Revenues4
Fallen Legion: Revenants: Conversations did not live up to our expectations

Back to the game, let’s see how it turns out The stage of the fight, Of course the most successful part of the game, even without the flaws. When we talk to Rowena inside the castle, what we can bring with us, up to three, will have the opportunity to leave on a journey by choosing their equipment and their strange abilities. These are Skills They open up by achieving certain goals in battle, and aim to further differentiate the various prototypes, and they become more tank or larger, more supportive, or more militant.

In each of them there are places, in which the so-called are placed Archius, Special objects that give other capabilities but can be easily exchanged between them. Here they range from speed boost after a spell release, to offensive boost after a bar, to an increase in HP and the implementation of various beneficial levels. In short, in terms of war personalization, we cannot complain. Once in battle we have the opportunity to attack with prototypes, each of which is associated with a key other than a fourth similar to Rowana’s actions, both of which can use healing spells in one of the available squares, or push or shoot enemies with an attack character. If you have time, you can also deal with enemy attacks and return bullets to the sender; If you can Save with the right amount of time You get extra action with each prototype. Each opponent has an HP bar and a stun bar, which, as the name implies, can be weakened if it is brought to exhaustion by successive attacks, thus leading to more damage. For employers this period will take the form of a kind of boundary break, during which parts of the actions will not be used, thus making a good series of attacks.
After each fight, the action moves next to the animation of the characters running to the right so that it can be loaded.

So up The boss 1, 2 or 3 will only be useful for getting Archaeus, the victim, the victim, Barry and on duty to get an assessment of the regeneration, can be prepared for the next trip. Unfortunately in the absence of these types of enemies, do not expect exploration or secret bosses. If the series continues, we hope that the whole area related to war will develop better, perhaps by expanding and deepening the various characteristics that distinguish it.

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2D animation and technique are not equal

Fallen Regiment Revenues3
Fallen Legion: Revenants: An interesting style but technically far removed from other products

What a concern Art side We are still light years away from popular products. The illustrations and characters, while still pleasant and with a very consistent color palette, have a detail that doesn’t cry out for a miracle. The animations are repeated with a few frames and the effects of the battles are sometimes confusing, making it often unclear who is doing what. Menus are very dull and lack stylistic details and like to be defined as essential.

Another sore point Balancing General of wars. Sometimes we find it very easy to face enemies, while some bosses are so hard on the dynamics that they are hard to understand when they are flying. Without the spoilers, we would have had to fight one of the final bosses at least twenty times because he realized how many times he repeated the same things over a song rather than a fight. We make a mistake once we see ourselves constantly being revived without having time to pursue a thousand things to do. Well understood, difficulty is not a bad thing, but we criticize the general confusion of the product and especially some wars.

Last note Longevity: We did not take more than 6 hours to complete each story line, we put the title below the average duration of RPG.

In short, this Fallen Legion: Revenants did nothing to improve the previous episodes, the story of the castle of Rowena and Welkin continues without sharp details and leaves a bad taste in the mouth for not being sure what can be done. Pity.


Tested version
PlayStation 4

Revenge of the Fallen: Revenants is an immature game with old dynamics, high loading, outdated animations and balance to be edited. Of course tactical battles, even if confusing and unbalanced, are the only thing that can keep the topic afloat, with the will of the whole to see all the results and open all the prototypes.


  • Discreet customization of prototypes
  • Interesting battles …


  • … though not uniform and confusing
  • Uploads from the 90s
  • Animations are not equal
  • The technical department needs to be reviewed