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The popular visual novel thriller Dry Sink is its handheld debut in February

The popular visual novel thriller Dry Sink is its handheld debut in February

VLG Publishing (a label under the umbrella of award-winning video game publisher Leonardo Interactive) and developer Studio V have announced that the psychoanalytic thriller Dry Sink is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 22nd. At the same time, the PC version also gets a German translation with an update.

Dry Sink is a visual novel that reveals a ruthless view of the future when those in positions of power abuse their influence. Private detective Morderet Foley’s dystopian future drowns this athlete in the task of unraveling the serial killer. In addition to its own dark past, Folie’s world is characterized by tyranny and a hunger for power at the top of society, which incites the destruction of society.

Features Air Dry Sink:

  • Really important results: 150+ branches of history and three completely different results.
  • Up to 20 hours of thriller moral decisions that affect the relationship between the characters and the game environment.
  • A sophisticated reference system for inquiries: Soldiers learn more about the city of Nova Bolemos and its citizens through dialogue, evidence, material, and character biographies.
  • Horror style investigation: Evidence should be used to reconstruct cases, uncover conspiracy and deception, and uncover the truth through the dry sinking “dream of living life” system.
  • Players must review flashbacks and old events to resolve new ones.
  • Dynamic Soundtrack has more than 40 theatrical and emotional tracks.
  • A harmonious blend of western and eastern visual art sheds a unique light on the dark future setting, in which the cyberbank and retro elements live in harmony.

Dry sink hits Nintendo Switch on February 22nd, it’s already over Steam, GOG, Automic And Available for PC. A free demo is also available, including the first two hours of play for PC.

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Additional information on dry water immersion is available here Official website.