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Falcon Age Review (Switch Ishop)

Falcon Age Review (Switch Ishop)

We can all agree that falcons are very good. What’s even cooler is that some of the people there can use these majestic creatures for hunting purposes, attaching the bird to their hands with just a simple whistle. If you see a falcon attached to their hand and you see a tweed flat cap rocking, you know they are bigger than your average human being.

Not all of us have the time or means to practice falconry in real life, so thankfully Falcon Age The next best thing. Originally released as the VR title, the game turns out to be a success for the Nintendo Switch, although it loses some mechanics along the way and retains others Impartially Implementing in a VR is much more satisfying than a standard control scheme.

You play as a young woman named Ara, who escapes from captivity after a long period of human labor. In the process she befriends a young falcon, who takes her with her as she embarks on her journey towards freedom. From the start, you will quickly fall in love with the Falcon, whose absurdly beautiful design is immediately fascinating. The game gives you time to master the Falcon mechanics before leaving the world, teaching your teammate how to play, bonding with it and teaching you how to use it for hunting / fighting purposes.

As you move into the open world, your Falcon will grow to full size (you can switch back to the baby version at any time if you wish); From here, you can interact with the inhabitants of the world and work with your Falcon Buddy to free up posts around the environment. The gameplay mechanics here are great because you need to use your Falcon to pick up flying robots, but you can do it yourself with a pretty stick / whip tool.

In addition to participating in some beautiful daisy combat units, you will also be involved in some other relaxed activities such as resource mobilization and planting crops. As you progress through the game, accessories for your Falcon, including sunglasses and bow ties, will also be unlocked; That is Really Adorable, and we always regret when our partner needs to be cared for especially after a nasty injury.

Review of the Falcon Age for our Pauls PlayStation VR at Push Square, And mentioned that the game Significantly Decreased outside VR; This is still true here. There are some features like the ability to turn your feathered friend into a pet with your free hand, which are not possible on the switch. By itself, Falcon Age for Switch is still a fun experience, but when it comes to its VR siblings, it’s an objectively low game. However, we still recommend giving the shot only for its specific premise; After all, most of us can own a pet falcon.