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Nintendo Switch |  Pokemon fans spoiled for choice in gaming |  Entertainment

Nintendo Switch | Pokemon fans spoiled for choice in gaming | Entertainment

Nintendo Switch fans are going to be treated to new waves of Pokemon accessories.

Made by Hori, the Pokemon-themed Nintendo Switch accessories include two of the newest versions of the Split Pad Pro.

These controllers replace the usual Nintendo Switch Joy-cons in handheld mode. These are much larger than regular joy-cons, with superior analog sticks and a traditional D-pad.

I got the Daemon X Machina edition of the Split Pad Pro and it is useful for first and third person shooters, as well as classic 2D shoot-em-ups.

“Enjoy the full-size controller experience in handheld mode with the HORI Split Pad Pro!” Hori explains.

“Marathon gaming sessions also include full-size analog sticks, a precision D-pad and large shoulder buttons designed for comfort and accuracy. Advanced features include assignable rear triggers, turbo functional and more.”

In addition to Pokemon-themed split pad pro controllers, Nintendo is also releasing the Switch Vault case featuring Hori Picachu & Friends, Pokemon Stars, Black and Gold Picachu Wireless Pad, Black and Gold Playstand and three switch light covers.

It’s on top of two Pokemon – themed mini wired controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

These new hori tools will be available shortly after the release of the second major Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion called the Crown Tundra.

The upcoming Sword and Shield DLC has been given an October 22 release date on the Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, full editions of Pokemon Sword and Shield game and DLC will be released on November 6th.

“Lead a expedition into the snow-capped kingdom of the Crown Tundra and unravel the mystery of the legendary Pokemon Callirex who once ruled over it,” the official description reads.

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“Through the new look of Co-op Play, your cruise will also allow you to explore deeper into Pokemon Dens, which you can only see during previous Max Ride fights.

“You can even see the legendary Pokemon from past games with dynamoxing right before your eyes and you can catch them!”

The Crown Tundra follows from the Isle of Armor DLC, which takes place on beaches, bogs, forests, caves and dunes.

“Former apprentice champion, take an apprenticeship under the mustard. He’s also a champion of Champion Lyon!” Nintendo explains.

“Meet new opponents, hone your skills and learn new fighting styles with the legendary Pokemon: Kubbu.

“Gigantamax will also be able to do the final evolution of the partner Pokemon you choose to embark on your journey. Look forward to discovering Rillaboom, Cindress or Intel‌ in their new form and the new G-Max Move to boot!”