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Facebook Messenger turns 10: Many news have now been announced

Facebook Messenger turns 10: Many news have now been announced

Ten candles for Facebook news service Messenger. A lot of news has now been announced

Messenger turns 10 and announces multiple messages (Pixabe)

Ten years ago, Facebook Decided to start Ambassador. A service as an alternative to the classic social network chat, which will become independent and essential over time Text with your friends.

On the eve of the special birthday, the creators of the site decided to start Series features The celebration is definitely interesting. The real set of features: that’s what they are.

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Facebook Messenger, 10 years to be celebrated

All important news designed for the event is here (Pixabe)

Let’s start with the first feature added Facebook Messenger, Which provides Adding games Between polls and chats. Another novelty is about the possibility Send cash prizes Directly through the news app. This is currently a unique feature United States, But it may soon be extended to everyone.

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In small additions, we find the exclusive sticker bag “The Messenger is 10 years old!”, Simple sharing of contacts and visual effects on words Use some emojis.

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