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Facebook is planning its own smartwatch without a cell phone connection

Facebook is planning its own smartwatch without a cell phone connection

Facebook wants to expand its hardware offerings with its own smartwatch. Those statements Information Quoting what was started. The clock is to exchange messages via Facebook and provide fitness and health activities. The smartwatch should have its own cellular connection, so the pair does not need a smartphone.

Facebook can also override data security measures such as the Apple Tracking option and the Tracking Alternative that Google is considering for Android. The latter operating system is said to be the basis of the first Facebook smartwatch, Cap info Experienced. As Facebook runs on its own operating system for the hardware, future versions of the watch may be compatible with it.

After the virtual reality headsets from Oculus and Portal Mini and Portal TV smart devices, the next step for Facebook’s hardware project will be its own smartwatch. In addition, Facebook has been testing reality glasses that have grown since the fall as part of the Area project. It is not currently considered to be a commercial product.

With the planned smartwatch, Facebook needs to send and receive messages. In addition, the smartwatch harvests health data from the wearer and measures their exercise activity. In addition, connections for networked fitness equipment such as the Peloton Fitness Bike and competition with Facebook friends should be possible.

The first smartwatch from Facebook is said to be based on Android. It is not yet known whether the smartwatch uses Google’s “root OS” or its own derivative. Facebook is said to operate on its own operating system for its devices. Future versions of the smartwatch may use this.

Smartwatch development is already well underway and the launch is scheduled for 2022. Facebook can move the device anyway or cancel it altogether. When asked by the website the data company did not comment on the report.


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