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Digital Foundry Analysis -

Digital Foundry Analysis –

Otward: Soulstorm It works well on PC and PS5, maintains a constant 60 fps, but obviously version PS4 There are adults in the game Problems of Frame rate.

Expressing itAnalysis The technique found by Digital Foundry confirms the 1440p at 60 fps on the PlayStation 5, but highlights some of the uncertainty and some shortcomings of antialising in converting it to final output in 4K.

However, the most important drawbacks Performance In standard PS4: There are scenes that go up to 20 fps when the physics of the game are involved in a major way.

His PC There is a nuisance Lock a 30 F.P.S. As for Cutskens, they work PlayStation 5 In 60 frames.

In the previous version of the news, we even talked about the 30 FPS module in the PC version incorrectly in the scenes in the game: We apologize for the inconvenience.

Aside from bugs and bugs that still exist, Otworld: Solstorm ‘developers need to fix a number of performance issues on the PS4 next Updates.

For more information on the game, Free For PlayStation Plus subscribers who own the PS5 this month, check out our review of Otward: Soulstorm.

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