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Baldur's Gate 3 - Baldur's Gate 3 makes its Patch 4, "the most forged imitation of Lorraine's fiery pits"

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Baldur’s Gate 3 makes its Patch 4, “the most forged imitation of Lorraine’s fiery pits”

Lauren Studio will soon be deploying Patch 4 of Baldur’s Gate 3 (not compatible with current storage), the content of which will be revealed in a new live stream From hell, This Wednesday, February 17th.

Last October, the studio Tile Until the roll-flaming game was commercially launched, initial access to Baltur’s Gate 3 began.

These three main reefs have already been used, the fourth being “on the verge of being”. Until then, the developer will host a second “From Hell” livestream on February 17 at 10am B.D. (19 hrs, Paris time) “in order to describe the content of the note Link To this day, it’s the most immoral fake in Lauren’s fiery pits. ” The studio promises “Advanced Cutskins, Tifflings, Spells and Cows.” Great!
We will see guests like Jeremy Crawford (Creative Director of Dungeons & Dragons Rules) and Nick Bechsenin and David Valgrave, Creative Director of PG3 Sven Winke.

As for Patch 3, we also note that this Patch 4 brings a number of changes that are compatible with the current version of the game. In other words, players who want to use the update must start from the beginning. This is an early access game.
For those who do not want to lose their progress, Lauren Studio reiterates the formula already proposed before Patch 3 is used: players are invited to deactivate the automatic update (to prevent the current version of the game from being replaced) Create a replacement profile on Steam associated with the version of Patch 3. Players can run the current version (Patch 3) with their savings or choose to restart the updated version (Patch 4). Sports. The technical process of the process is similar to the previous patches and again detailed In steam.

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