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Dad only in areas with high incidence of infections

Dad only in areas with high incidence of infections

President of Campania Vincenzo de Luca The schools’ ‘hot potato’ goes into the hands of mayors and students, calling for an assessment of “the change required for distance education by the end of February for every local reality.” The governor made the announcement on the sidelines of a summit with the crisis unit to assess the evolution of epidemics in schools.

Therefore, the tax announced by the Councilor was confirmed Lucia Fortini With targeted activities in areas most prone to infections. It also seems to be a sign of crisis solidarity. “After assessing the steady and growing increase in cases registered for all ages, the (crisis division NDA) will send a serious regional epidemiological picture to all priorities and mayors, in general, in the school environment, assessing the change required for distance education for each local reality until the end of February” , Reads a note.

Furthermore, with the planned arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine, de Luca announces that “the vaccination campaign for school staff will begin gradually, under the current protocol for teachers and non-teachers under the age of 55. Full coverage, over the age of 55”.

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