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F1 22 Released: First Trailer, Pictures, Release Date ... All Info!  |  Xbox One

F1 22 Released: First Trailer, Pictures, Release Date … All Info! | Xbox One

Electronic Arts had met with us today for the presentation of F1 2022. The giant has released a new official Formula One game and at least it was very stingy in information.

The beginning of a new era

F1 22 revealed itself through a short teaser. Title 20 will provide 20 drivers for the season and all tracks on the calendar, including the new Miami circuit.

The new regulations impose significant changes on cars and the studio has significantly reworked its physics. The game will offer many new features this year such as Adaptive AI, Local Split-Screen Multiplayer and VR Compatibility on PC.

Enter the new era of Formula 10 with EA SPORTS ™ F1 22, the official video game of FIA Formula One World Championship 2022. Start a new season behind the wheel of updated cars, enjoy the updated rules that redefine racing, and test your skills at the new Miami International Speedway and enjoy life’s agility and glamor at F1.

Rumors about the “F1 Life” mode have also been confirmed, so with the customizable hub you can think about its collection of super cars and luxury accessories. Items can be obtained by playing, via Podium Pass or at the Game Store.

See you in July

This new creation will be released on July 1st. It’s available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but also on the Xbox Series X | S and PS5. However, we still do not know if the game will be cross-play compatible.

Pre-orders are open, but beware, the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S have two separate versions of the title and do not seem to be compatible with smart delivery. To get both versions, you have to turn around F1 22 Champions Edition.

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> Pre-order the Xbox One version

> Pre-order the Xbox Series X | S version

The new era of Codemasters and Electronic Arts Formula 10 begins today with the announcement of EA SPORTS F1 22 and is released worldwide on Friday, July 1st. Players can prepare for the biggest upsurge in the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship in a decade, taking place in new hybrid cars, while the rules revisit the race weekend by adding F1® sprint races never seen before. Thanks to the highly competitive and unpredictable selection, players will be able to test their skills throughout the 2022 calendar, including the International Autotrome for the opening ceremony of the Miami Grand Prix. Also new, thanks to F1® Life, players can enter the valuable world of Formula 10, which is a customizable hub where they can show off the super cars, clothes and accessories they earned while playing, via podium pass and on the game. Store. Players can pre-order the Champions Edition, which includes three days advance access and a limited time Miami-inspired content package *.

“We look forward to introducing our players to the new era of Formula 10,” said Lee Mather, F1®’s Senior Creative Director at Codemasters. “In addition to real-world changes, we have updated the physics to take into account the new aero rules, redesigned the tire shape and changed the handling truly. This is the perfect time to enjoy life.

Race Day redefinition allows players to customize their layout with new speeds and broadcast options affecting Formation Labs, Safety Car and Bit Stops. By choosing the high-speed option, players will face challenges that may reward or penalize them, thus making a difference on the platform. Reduces broadcast pressure through controlled and realistic cinemas that keep players close to the action. For the ultimate high-speed F1® experience, the new PC VR functionality via Oculus Rift and HTC Vive allows players to enjoy the story from within the cockpit.

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For new players, the new Adaptive AI allows less experienced players to be competitive according to player status in each race. More accessible menus and manipulation allow players to act quickly without having to understand the intricacies of the game. Modernized training programs offer a wide variety of new scoring methods and on-track visualizations, allowing you to negotiate perfectly at every corner before racing for all the major championship points.

The F1 22 brings improvements to existing features, including MyStable, allowing players to choose their starting budget based on three entry points: Newcomer, Challenger and Front Runner. The game adds real-time updates to circuits in Australia, Spain and Abu Dhabi in line with the latest changes.

The F1 22 also offers its popular lifestyle, which has been in the game for 10 years and has been critically acclaimed, but also offers two player options. Multiplayer mode has also turned into epic races against drivers around the world.