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All new features of QEMU 7.0

All new features of QEMU 7.0

The QEMU emulator offers a number of updates with the availability of version 7.0.0. Open source usage brings many significant new features and changes.

What is QEMU?

QEMU Is a Free virtual machine softwareA processor and, in general, can follow a different configuration. This allows implementation Only one or more operating systems or binaries via KVM and Xen hypervisors, in the context of an operating system already installed on the system.

QEMU 7.0: New features

Version 7.0.0 of QEMU contains more than 2,500 committees listed On the official wiki.

From New in version 7, We can quote :

- ACPI: Support for recording guest events through ACPI ERST interface

- virtiofs: Improved support for security labels

- ARM: ‘virt’ card support for virtio-mem-pci, ‘xlnx-versal-virt’ card support for PMC SLCR and OSPI flash memory controller emulation, ‘xlnx-zynqmp’ now models CRF and APU control.

- HPPA: Supports up to 16 vCPUs

- OpenRISC: SIM card support up to 4 cores

- PowerPC: Support for ‘Series’ emulation to run guests as KVM hypervisor

- PowerPC: ‘powernv’ emulation improvements for XIVE and PHB 3/4 and new support for XIVE2 and PHB5

- RISC-V: KVM support

- RISC-V: Approved vector 1.0 extension and support for Zve64f, Zve32f, Zfhmin, Zfh, zfinx, zdinx and zhinx extensionsMinute.

- RISC-V: ‘Spike’ machine support for OpenSBI binary loading

- RISC-V: ‘virt’ machine support for 32 cores and AIA support.

- s390x: Support for “Other-Instruction-Extension Facility 3” (a z15 extension)

- x86: Support for Intel AMX

Download QEMU

you can Download QEMU for Linux According to your distribution :

- Arch: Backman -schemu

- Debian / Ubuntu: apt-get install qemu

- Fedora: dnf install @virtualization

- Gentoo: Emermer-Ask App-Emulation / Game

- RHEL / CentOS: Install yum qemu-kvm

- SUSE: zypper installation qemu

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You also have the option Get the source code Latest versions for Compile yourself in LinuxWindows (Win32) and macOS.

Also available for QEMU macOS And Windows.