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F.C.  Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin: TV, live-stream and co.  - All information about the Bundesliga broadcast

F.C. Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin: TV, live-stream and co. – All information about the Bundesliga broadcast

Welcome to Bayern Munich 1. FC Union Berlin – We will show you how and where to watch the game on TV and stream.

After losing in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final (2: 3) against Paris Saint-Germain, everyday life awaits footballers at the Bundesliga FC Bayern Munich: FC Union Berlin guest appearance at the Alliance Arena.

The Berliners should not be underestimated in any way, as coach Urs Fischer’s team is currently ranked seventh strong in the table and has ambitions to play a place in the European Cup.

In addition, nine players from Munich have been injured or suspended, including key supporters Serge Knabry, Leon Goretzka, Alfonso Davis and, above all, goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski. Guests also have injury issues, and it hurts here especially the failure of Anthony Uja.

Kick-off Saturday at the Alliance Arena (April 10, 2021) At prime time 3:30 p.m.

In this article we will show you how and where to watch the match between FC Bayern Munich and 1. FC Union Berlin lives on TV and live-stream. Just before the kick-off, we will show the rows of both teams here.

FC Bayern Munich vs 1. FC Union Berlin – Sport at a Glance

Encounter FC Bayern Munich vs 1. FC Union Berlin
Competition Bundesliga (28th match day)
Date April 10, 2021 | 3:30 p.m.
Location Alliance Arena, Munich

Bundesliga: F.C. You can watch Bayern vs. Union live on TV

As with all Bundesliga games, the fight between Bayern and Union Berlin will be shown live and on full-length television. In the 2020/21 season, paid TV channels will be shared The sky And streaming service DAZN Broadcasting rights. In the case of Bayon vs. Union, Sky will broadcast the game. We provide all the information about the exchange here.

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Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin lives on Sky on Bay TV

Sky is the exclusive owner of live broadcast rights for FC Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin. The encounter will air on the station Sky Sport Bundesliga2. Starting at 3:15 pm, the Sky Alliance will begin broadcasting with initial reports and background information about the game.

At the kick-off at 3:30 p.m., Jonas Friedrich takes charge as commentator. As an alternative to the single game broadcast, Sky shows all 3:30 games simultaneously Conference call at Sky Sport Bundesliga 1 HD, Michael Leopold and Dietmar Haman broadcast live from the events of the 28th Bundesliga match day.

However, you can follow the game via Sky A subscription Required pay sender. You can get additional information on subscription costs and duration Official website From the sky.

Bundesliga Live: All information about FC Bayern vs Union Berlin broadcast

  • Sender: Sky Sport Bundesliga 2 and Sky Sport Bundesliga 2 HD (single game), Sky Sport Bundesliga 1 HD (Conference)
  • Initiation of preliminary reporting: 3.15 pm.
  • The beginning of the game: 3.30 pm.
  • Commentators: Jonas Friedrich (single game)

F.C. Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin: Follow the Bundesliga today on the live stream – how it works

Are you on a journey and could not watch the fight between Bayern and Union in front of the TV screen? Issued by Live-stream Transfer to mobile devices is also possible. To visit Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin, you need a Sky subscription Sky-Go-App or Sky Ticket To stream. Here you can read how both options work.

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Byrne vs. Union: Watch the Bundesliga today on the Sky Temple live stream

The Skyco-App Once you have subscribed to Sky you can download it for free. With the app you can play the match between FC Bayern and Union Berlin On all mobile devices Follow.

Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin Sky Ticket Live

Don’t feel like a long-term subscription to Sky? Can then Sky ticket Be your alternative: Sky Tickets enables a cheaper and more flexible subscription, allowing you to access not only TV channels, but also live streams. In 9.99 euros for the first month and 29.99 euros for each subsequent month. Another chance it is Day ticket for 9.99 euros, So you can access the live stream for a day.

FC Bayern vs Union Berlin: Rows – How Coaches Play

With this team, Bayern begins the game:

Neuer – Sir, Bodeng, Martinez, Stanisic – Kimmich, Tandas – Musiala, Mல்லller, Koman – Chow-Motting

Union Berlin sends this team to the pitch:

Lotte – Trimmal, Friedrich, Notch, Lens – Fremal, Andrich – Endo, Cruise, Boulder – Musa

Bundesliga: All Highlights of the Bayern vs Union Meeting at DAZN

Need Highlights? This is for DAZN! Highlights of all Bundesliga games are waiting for you in the DAZN Media Library 40 minutes after the game is over. The DAZN subscription is free for the first month, after which each additional month is spent 11.99 Euro. More information on this can be found here.

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DAZN lets you highlight montages, but Live broadcastAll Friday and Monday games of the Bundesliga. In addition, DAZN shows many great competitions and games. With help DAZN-App You can follow all streams on all mobile devices while traveling. More info and download links Apple– and AndroidDevices are available here.

Live-Ticker: Bayern Munich vs. Union Berlin Live Watch Today

If you can not follow the live broadcast of Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin, but want to report more about all sporting events, Destination offers you Live-ticker The perfect alternative. The goal is to report almost all important sporting events in real time, and provide background information and statistics about the game.