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PS5 Games Coming Soon on PlayStation Now?  Provides patent traces

PS5 Games Coming Soon on PlayStation Now? Provides patent traces

Sony is preparing for the next phase of the PlayStation Now and will be offering PS5 games through the streaming service in the future.

In any case, this is indicated by the current patent, which describes a high-speed, low-latency network storage that can simultaneously use stream games on the network. In that case the content will be the same (Games) Are distributed throughout the various memories, which can be accessed by the system depending on the workload.

Patent (Via) Also writes a system that monitors specific data sets on the respective drive for faster loading of content. The goal is to achieve the same speed as playing from the local PS5. This strongly suggests that Sony is taking the next step on the PlayStation Now.

Still dreaming of the future?

We need to see if the whole thing is as practical as it seems at first glance. The requirements for such a streaming service are very high and may not work smoothly everywhere. One reason the PlayStation Now still doesn’t want to ignite, but is progressing slowly.

Nevertheless, services such as PlayStation Now or Google Stadia represent the future of gaming. Depending on how fast the streaming technology grows it will show whether the PS6 will expire in a few years.

The last major action was taken in April Das streaming on 1080p Activates. So there is still a long way to go to achieve 4K resolution with simultaneous fast loading times. The number of active subscribers is still managed, officially 3.2 million recently.

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