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New Thera update with shadow ruins and Rukmia's dungeon - who dares?

New Thera update with shadow ruins and Rukmia’s dungeon – who dares?

Camforge – Leading Western publisher of multiplayer online games such as AION, Metin2, NosTale and SoulWorker – Announces new content update (Built 102) today Tera It is now available to all players. It brings a new dungeon with no access restrictions, modified Lachelidas extermination and plenty of new equipment. But this update is just the beginning: Camforge is now releasing new content for Thera on a monthly basis!

To celebrate new content, each player who retrieves the “Fightlumigan” code will receive the following prizes:

  • 10x Starlight piece
  • 3x 400 Adventure Gold
  • 500x Modecutine
  • 2x Exodus linen fabric

Attention: The codes expire on February 7, 2021!

New dungeon
In the depths of their dream paralysis, the players compete against the warrior Rukmia. With his deadly weapons, Rukmia is a real challenge, with the utmost respect even for the toughest. But there is no reason for frustration: for example you can play at any time without a weekly limit.

Return to the Lachelidas ruins
Strange plants pass through the field in front of the ruined mansion, which is the dark image of Lilith’s palace. Everything inside is crumbling. In this dungeon of newly awakened, players must once again prove their skill and strength.

New equipment
With the new update, players can seduce their devices very easily. Items can be found in dungeons or during a PVP game or purchased from one of the many vendors in Arboria.

Terra takes players into a graphically impressive fantasy world that requires time and tactical skills. Thanks to the stunning real-action combat system, you always have complete control over the purpose and deception so that only your own abilities can decide between success and failure in demanding fights. As members of the Volcano Alliance, the heroes embark on adventures together, exploring the vast, breathtaking world of Arboria. Players can build their final heroes from 7 playable races and 13 individual classes. More information can be found on the official website.

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