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Windows XP.  A video shows the mountain in the background of ‘Bliss’ as it is today

Windows XP. A video shows the mountain in the background of ‘Bliss’ as it is today

A Video YouTube, created by Andrew Levitt, many, perhaps unwittingly, wanted to inquire into what was once a surprise: where did the photo of the mountain taken over the years come from? Background for Windows XP? But above all: what happened to it? Is it always right? In this video YouTube shows us Wallpaper ‘Bliss’ In 2021 it will not have a good end.

Located in the Napa Valley, a well-known rural valley in the United States, Microsoft has chosen this default background for its new operating system: Windows XP. The reason is easy to understand: this landscape was like Original And gave a sense of calm. Everything was right, the blue sky, the green of the mountain and the shapes of the mountain: such a place should be protected by all means, right?

Windows XP Wallpaper.

In fact, in recent years Napa Valley This has changed greatly. Hundreds of growers have occupied every piece of land to plant this type of vineyard and crops, which is radically changing the landscape.

Andrew Levitt He struggled a bit to find the right place for the shot, but in the end he won the record. The shapes are still the same, but the colors and immaculateness are definitely not there.

Mountains nowadays.
Mountains nowadays.

What do you think?

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