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Extra free content in May to download on PS4 and PS5! – DHM Magazine

Last March, Sony offered a dozen games for players to download for free with its Play at Home offer. Most recently, the best Horizon Zero Tone was awarded to all PS4 and PS5 players, again through this Play at Home program. This May, Sony continues to spoil gamers, there are no free games at this time, but ” Limit of content.

In May, more free PlayStation content via Play at Home

« To make the coming weeks even more fun, Play at Home is back with new content available to you! At this time, we offer you free game content and virtual currency for some of your favorite PlayStation games such as Call of Duty: Warson, Destruction Allstars, NBA2K21, Rocket League and many more. Mary Yee, Global Marketing Vice President at SIE, explains.

As of Tuesday, May 18th, Sony will allow players to download various content for certain games. This is especially true in the case of the Rocket League with the PlayStation Plus Pack, which includes unique customization items including Blue Knot Wheels, Blue Smoke Acceleration, Blue Rocks Trail and Trimbact PL Player Banner.

Tito for Prehalla, the legendary character Ramon, Sir Reilot costume includes his ax and gloves, Shruk Emode and Comrade Grimm. On the side of all the stars of the PlayStation (but yes, remember) 1,100 points are offered for destruction free.

For MLP The Show 21, 10 packs are provided, while for NBA 2K21, players are invited to download a free pack including Damien Lillard Amethyst from My Team Series 2, 5,000m team points and more. Content for the Rock Company, World of Tanks and Warframe is also included.

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Test the PS5 digital version

Finally, Call of Duty players will not be forgotten by this Play at Home offer because they can get dual XP tokens lasting up to 60 minutes per Call of Duty: to speed up their progress on Warson III season. Offer available from May 20th to June 7th.

Note that in early 2020, during the first control operations, Sony implemented a new program. Play at home On the PS4. The aim is to break the monopoly by offering players free video games to download. So this is not a free game for the month of May, but there is no doubt that we can comfort ourselves from next month with the release of Ratchet & Clang Rift on PS5 except PS5, which promises to be great.