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Xbox Series X Under Unreal Engine |  S & PS5 Games: Video of Epic Games |  Xbox One

Xbox Series X Under Unreal Engine | S & PS5 Games: Video of Epic Games | Xbox One

To present its graphics engine to get the year off right, Epic Games is releasing a trailer for some of the big games of the future expected in the next few months and in the coming months.

Unreal Engine 5, Future Technology Showcase

The video features the so-called “next-gen” games that use the power of the new consoles, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. So there are both cross-platform games and PS5 or Xbox exclusions.

Xbox-Exclusive Rare Next Game, Everwild, Thus rubbing the shoulders with a very noticeable streak, but even Fortnight, The iconic game of epic games Moving to the new version of Unreal Engine 5 This year.

Unreal Engine 5 is the next remake of the epic in-engine that many developers have been using for years. In May 2020, Sony pulled a good blow by offering The most successful tech demo on the PS5 It provided an overview of the capabilities of the new machine. We also learned that the demo will have features that were provided at the time Also available on the Xbox Series X..

Epic will release a preview version of its new Unreal Engine 5 in early 2021 later this year. It is designed for next gen consoles, current consoles, PC, Mac iOS and Android. On the Xbox side, ambitious titles are currently in development, including the most anticipated Senua’s Saga: Helpplate 2.

Complete list of games featured in the video