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An M4 shooting brake and M3 touring for your viewing pleasure

Available only on the new BMW M4 and M3 coupe and sedan. Recently, BMW BMW has indicated that it will not be afraid to cover the M4 Cron Coupe M3. The Munich manufacturer said it would release a convertible version of the M4 and an exclusive break body of the M3.

Imagine a chart you are starting to get to know M3 Touring, As well as the most famous version of the M4. This is a derivative Shooting brake, Which, alas, will never be released … but we always have the right to dream, we really like this rendering of the M4 shooting break!

Awesome BMW M3 Touring / M4 Shooting Break

The front of the car does not change obviously, while the rear, on the other hand, sinks sharper than the roof coupe, creating a less sloping rear window, which frees up more space in the trunk. The style of this M4 shooting brake is breathtaking, and BMW knows what to do if it wants to reduce its M4.

We imagine this BMW M4 The shooting brake will deliver six-cylinder in-line dual-turbo 3.0-liter displacement of 510 hp. Power can be transmitted to all four wheels via the XDrive all-wheel drive, which is about to enter the M4 and M3 list.

Awesome BMW M3 Touring / M4 Shooting Break
Awesome BMW M3 Touring / M4 Shooting Break

As for M3 Turing’s description, there is no doubt that this is true for the soon-to-be-released product model. BMW has not yet announced a presentation date, but prototypes of the sports wagon have already been spotted, and the German brand can already see a preview of its new model with a video at the bottom of this article.

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We are waiting for the M4 CS or CSL commercialization that is currently under development. It will probably be produced in a limited series and will produce power over 510 hp.