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Expand Nintendo Switch Memory: Here's how

Expand Nintendo Switch Memory: Here’s how

One of the weak points of the Nintendo Switch is the low storage space – but the problem can be easily solved.

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The built-in storage space of the Nintendo Switch fills up quickly. Here we reveal how you can expand this.

Naturally, the Nintendo Switch* Internal storage over 32 gigabytes – with OLED version* This is at least 64 gigabytes. However: the memory of both console types will soon be exhausted. Titles like “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” or “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” take up about 14 gigabytes each. If you do not want to continue uninstalling games to create space, the Nintendo Switch requires extra memory. And it is very easy to do.

Nintendo Switch: Extra storage space with microSD card

All you need is one Micro SDMap. The Nintendo Switch has a dedicated card slot at the bottom. Cards with a storage capacity of up to 2 terabytes are compatible. However, since these are relatively expensive, most users are likely to opt for smaller models 64, 128 Or 256 gigabytes Fall – That should definitely be enough for most players.

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Nintendo Switch: Which microSD cards are compatible?

According to Nintendo, it is compatible with the following types of microSD consoles:

  • Micro SD (Up to 2GB)
  • microSDHC (4GB to 32GB)
  • microSDXC (64GB and more)

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Nintendo Switch: Do I need to install a microSD card?

No, while the microSD card is in the slot, it will be ready for use. In Settings it should be displayed under “Data Management”. However, when using a microSDX 64GB or higher, you need to make sure you have one Current computer software is installed To. Nintendo recommends using a single microSD for a console, and if you do not have enough storage, copy all data to a larger card. (Ök) * is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA.

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