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Exam: AMD comments on USB 500 series issues

Exam: AMD comments on USB 500 series issues

Chip maker AMD USB issues with 500 series chipsets and motherboards have now been revealed. The company is under pressure as criticism of its products continues to mount.

According to PC manufacturer PowerGBU, only recently has the title caused a stir Risen complained about the very high failure rate with 5000 processors. Now there is a similar accusation about poor quality, but not from the manufacturers who install the chips, but from the end user. This is a problem with the AMD 500 series motherboards and USB. Users exchanged comments about Reddit with other places. For example, it says that you have noticed constant disconnection with connected devices via USB, i.e. malfunction of ports with high power load.

The investigation has begun and feedback is welcome

Initially it was believed that this was only a problem with gigabyte boards. But gradually, other hardware users came forward. AMD has now responded and logged into the company’s official credit account Report Published in this issue. It says:

“AMD is aware of reports that a small number of users are experiencing interstitial USB connectivity issues with 500-series chipsets. An AMD representative (u / AMDOfficial) can be contacted directly at Reddit’s PM system for further information. “

AMD now handles the issue openly and finally approaches the user. It remains open to what extent the reported bugs will be resolved soon.

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