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New Google Ad Editor 1.7: Faster downloads, YouTube audio ad support and more

New Google Ad Editor 1.7: Faster downloads, YouTube audio ad support and more

Google Ad Editor 1.7: These campaign types are now supported

On top of that Google Ad Editor Help Website Updates are provided for the new version. Audio campaigns, ad groups and hotel campaigns designed for ads and YouTube are now fully supported. However, showcase shopping ads and advertising teams are no longer supported. Additionally, Google introduces the following types of extensions:


– Property-based sidelink extensions, also known as ‘sidelinks (new version)’

– Property-based snippet extensions, also known as ‘snippet extensions (new version)’

– Property-based extensions with additional information, also referred to as “extensions with additional information (changed)”

– Related video extensions for video campaigns

Another new feature of the updated Google Ad Editor version is that users can determine which category (including campaigns) to download. This will significantly reduce the time required for downloads.

Combining new suggestions, bids for search campaigns and “maximum changes” with “target CPA”

Google’s new editor now supports many new suggestions. These include:

Fix bugs in ad targets

– Use the ‘desired share of possible records’

– Bid more efficiently with ‘Increase Clicks’

– Use matching types of keywords as much as possible

– Provide more efficiently with ‘maximizing alternative value’

– Add image extensions to ads

– Set the target ROAS

– Add invitation extensions to ads

However, for marketers, with version 1.7 they can now offer bids of the “target CPA (cost per operation)” strategy to “maximize changes” and “target ROAS”. “Increase conversion value” strategy for search campaigns (return on advertising cost). Where previously only the “target CPA” strategy was used, “maximum modification” can now be used as an adjunct. In addition, marketers may now “increase the convertible value” in conjunction with the “Target ROAS” bidding strategy instead of the “Target ROAS” strategy. For example, these options can be used when new search campaigns are created or when some new suggestions are accepted.

New Google Ad Editor 1.7 Can be downloaded from the Google Advertising website. You can find all the information about the update Related Google Support website.

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