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343 Industries claims that Hollow Infinite will not be an open world game

343 Industries claims that Hollow Infinite will not be an open world game

Here is the first juicy info for those waiting Hollow is infinite And may not follow all communications surrounding the topic. A “343 Ask“With their community, they also answered the full battery questions that concern them Level design, Multiplayer, type of enemies facing as weather.

So the studio used this exchange to make sure there was no title. “In the open world“We can understand it, and it will be inspired by work Silent Cartographer Of the Prime Minister Hollow With the desire to provide soldiers with a “growing” battle. In addition, for ancillary or similar purposes, the game will still have the opportunity to view multiple locations along the edges of the main frame.

In addition to the already announced dynamic day / night rotation (this may have an impact on the behavior of some enemies grunts For those who are more interested in sleeping at night), 343 Industries promises a weather and wind simulation system (although without the presence of rain or blizzard, it will come later). As it passes, the caption images will return to the game machine and they will be affected due to time and weather.

While the studio has confirmed that there will be no dangerous wildlife in the forest, it is creating it with the promise of many biomes such as swamps or areas devastated by conflicts. Bell-Mel, we can learn more about it Dual capacity (Possibility to carry two weapons at once) is not in the program and is a fun way to manage player encounters: If the latter is on foot, collisions are optimal for this level, but if you are a fan of halo traffic, you will encounter many more vehicle patrols.

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To learn a lot more, let it be Lore, Small information about multiplayer or sequence reactions shown last July, it happens below. Hello Infinite, Which is still scheduled for 2021 on PC and Microsoft consoles.