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Nintendo Switch Online : Un essai gratuit pour tous proposé pendant quelques jours

Everyone will be given a free trial for a few days

Services are now central to the priorities of game publishers and console manufacturers. Nintendo Switch Online therefore plays an increasingly important role in Nintendo’s strategy. Kyoto does not hesitate to point this out when presenting its financial results. The Japanese giant logically wants to attract more and more subscribers. To build more businesses, he told himself that nothing could beat a good old free trial.

Nintendo has announced that it will be installing a free trial of the Nintendo Switch online. More precisely, There is talk of a seven-day free trial for the switch service. The good news for those interested is that those who have already used the free NSO test can take advantage of it. This offer is currently valid until January 9.

As a reminder, Nintendo Switch Online is a service that allows you to play Switch online. Enjoy a selection of NES and Super Nintendo games. This ad does not have access to the Nintendo Switch Online + Extra Pack.

Spend the holidays online at Nintendo Switch

To avail this offer, it is necessary to follow the procedure below. You have to go first. “Use points“From the Nintendo site. Once there, all you have to do is click.”To exchange“To get a code.

The code for the 7 day Nintendo Switch online free trial can be retrieved in two ways. It can actually be entered on the page “Enter the code“From the Nintendo website. It can be entered via a switch in the Nintendo eShop”Enter a code. “

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A short free subscription but …

However, there are two clarifications. First, Nintendo Switch can not avail this offer on consoles where there is already an individual or family member online. Second, the implementation of this 7-day free trial enables automatic renewal of the individual one-month subscription. Those planning to take advantage of this free offer should keep this in mind.

Finally, it should be noted that this code must be registered before January 9, 2022. Nintendo wants Switch users to try their service faster.

What motivates you to this offer? Do you plan to use it? Have you tried the Nintendo Switch online before? If so, what did you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.